If you feel our existing products cannot meet your specifications, all of our departments will work together to manufacture trail filter paper designed to meet your expectation.
Trial products manufactured in small lots. Customers then evaluate the quality of these trial products and if the quality is determined to be satisfactory, mass production orders can be placed.

Filter is a device which is used for separating out particles by passing fluid through porous materials. Most of the papers such as air, oil, fuel are made of specific pleated papers for better filtration. Pars Tavata Paya is equipped with high-standard laboratory which enables safety tests. In addition, Technical Data can be as your request, and we will give you the best products.

The main specifications of filter paper are as follows :

· Resistance against high temperature

· Stability in size

· Insensitivity to changes such as moisture


This type of filter could prevent particulate matter from entering the engine’s parts and reduce fuel consumption. By considering these problems we have decided to manufacture this product in our country to lessen the price of replacing filters and ease environmental pollution.


This filter is designed to remove contaminants from oil. The chief function of the oil filter is to purify the lubricant system of the engine. These filters are mostly made of paper and cardboards. They trap small particles entering engine larger than 40 micron.

Oil Filter Paper  thickness is 0.35 – 0.85mm, basic weight 100 – 160g/sq. m
Air Permeability: >350-365 L/100cm ² · min (ΔP= 200Pa)
Bursting Strength: 400-600 Kpa
Stiffness: 3000-4500 mg
Max Pore Size: 80-95 µm
Resin Content: 17-18 %


This filter which is made of pleated paper with controlled porosity is used for all types of fuels. Fuel filter removes dirt and rust particles from the fuel and mostly used in ignition motors.